Back to School!

Hola amigos! Wow! That went fast! it’s hard to believe that summer (break) is over! Yes, we are still homeschooling, and we had our first day today. It wasn’t bad, actually! We started around 8:45 and everything went so smoothly that we were done by 12:30! (Allow me to clarify, that type of occurrence is … More Back to School!

My New Baby!

Hello fellow readers! I have some BIG news. Some of you (a.k.a. close friends and family) may know that pretty much ever since I was two I have wanted a cat. In fact, for the Christmas while I was two, I asked for two things: broccoli (I REALLY liked broccoli), and a cat. Sadly, I … More My New Baby!

Winter Skin Report: Dry

Hey guys! Soooo. Who’s enjoying this winter weather we’re having? Because I think it’s absolutely fantabulous! (In case you couldn’t tell, that was sarcasm.) I’ll tell you one reason why I am not enjoying it. Dryness. Chapped hands, chapped lips, chapped cheeks, all that jazz! I’m telling you, I have to reapply Burt’s bees about … More Winter Skin Report: Dry

Christmas Cookies

Hi guys! Guess what… it’s Christmas Eve!!!!! YAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!! My brother and I got up super early this morning because we were so excited. That’s probably means that we’re going to get up super super early tomorrow though if we got up super early on Christmas Eve. Any who, how many plates of Christmas cookies, brownies, … More Christmas Cookies


Hi! So guess what’s coming up? That’s right, Halloween! Probably one of the most beloved holidays by kids. And do you know why? Because of the CANDY. Think of Halloween. What just popped into your head? Let me guess:  costumes, maybe pumpkins, and candy. Candy, candy, candy. Do you know why most kids even dress … More Halloween!